Life has been very good to me. I have encountered much throughout my lifetime, enabling me to help people in all facets of life with their real estate needs. Client testimonials are available through Trulia, Zillow, and in my pre-listing packet, as well as on my website. I invite you to check me out through other resources on the web via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. I have become an award-winning agent by providing good customer service, responding quickly to your communications, and following through on what I say I'm going to do. I challenge myself every day to provide more than what's expected from my clients. I'd LOVE to meet you and your family and see what I can do to help you with obtaining a better quality of life through your real estate needs. Family members or others close to you might need my assistance too if they are experiencing a wedding, birth of a child, empty-nesting, death of a family member, etc. Go to to connect with me to sell your home and check out homes you are considering buying. Past sellers have experienced getting top dollar for their home sales through my marketing practices, buyer lead generation and negotiating skills. Ratio of Sale price to list price: My Stats – 96% vs Overall Columbus area ratio average – 87%. Search ALL properties listed in the area you want through the search capabilities on my site, including all HUD and "distressed" properties, HIGH END properties, and everything in between. Buyers benefit from my experience and knowledge, not only in their buying process, but in getting to know the area in general after they move. As a buyer with my assistance, you can acquire real estate with the greatest value at the lowest price in Central Ohio. Renters or “Rent to Own” clients have been successful in locating homes, then working with members of my team to get qualified to buy in just a few months! I can send you special "rent only" listings through your email to keep you updated on what's available for rent throughout the area! Commercial Buyer Clients: If you want to search for commercial / industrial listings, go to this link and search through, then contact me for further information and access to the property. Awards and Designations available upon request. Non Real Estate Affiliations: Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce: • Board of Directors Member, 1 Year as Secretary of the Executive Board, 10 years as Ambassador of the Chamber Lions Club Member: • Sponsors Pickerington Boy Scout Troop 256, works to help support research for the cure to blindness PTO (parent teacher organizations) member/participant of all schools while my kids were growing up Teamsters Union Member – UPS Certified Yoga Instructor, Aerobics and Strength Coach, and Personal Trainer • I work primarily with people over the age of 30 by teaching them how to eat right, exercise and be the best they can be, despite their ailments like knee replacements, diabetes, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, etc Fairfield County Notary Public - active status Practicing Christian Mission: To ignite personal and professional growth in each person I encounter, and to help make that person better in some way. Business Philosophy: I am here to help my fellow citizens reap the benefits of real estate ownership on a personal and/or professional level, and do it in such a way that referrals will be forthcoming in a steady stream. I am ready to take on the responsibility of a real estate team that truly will be successful beyond my wildest dreams! My kids are grown now, and I feel all the experiences I have encountered have prepared me to do this. My whole family of six other siblings have been successful, self-employed entrepreneurs. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that GREAT businesses are born, and I intend to do what it takes to serve my clients and customers in a way that promotes the most successful and highly reputable real estate Team that this area has ever seen! The success of Team Kuzmic will be born with the people who are currently involved with me, and shall include those customers whom we serve in the most professional, ethical and heart-warming way that we possibly can. I intend to "share the wealth" with my family members and all of those helping me, and will gladly do that for all the years to come. I want to thank those who have helped me thus far, including: * Mike Kuzmic, husband, and four children (Zach, Kelsey, Jenny, Jonathan) who, without their tireless efforts of picking up the tasks of daily chores at times and putting up with constant phone calls from customers and clients at all hours of the day and night, I could not have accomplished the continuing growth as a real estate agent here in Ohio. I sincerely hope my work ethic and "setting the bar as high as possible" is recognized and copied by those who really want to make a difference in other people's lives. I've worked tirelessly to accomplish a loving and respectful relationship with everyone who crosses my path, and will continue to do so as I continue to attract those who need and want my help. I respectfully back away from those who choose to do business in a way that is not fully upright and ethical, and continue to work closely with those who do. I "pick my battles" and allow the "small stuff" to roll off my back. I do not let my ego get in the way of what a buyer and seller want to do in a real estate transaction, and have the same attitude when it comes to all the other aspects of my life. I hold dear my family and friends, choosing to allow them to be the best they can be and helping them strive for bigger and better things for themselves and their families, even if it means a change somehow in the relationship that we may currently have.